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Product Description

How does On & On Nu-Woman give complete freedom from all day wet feeling?

On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin gives you complete freedom from all day wet feeling. Tourmaline based Far-IR Anion Strip ensures that you stay dry and healthy all day

Does it cause bad odour?

On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin gives you complete freedom from bad odour.

How Does On & On Nu-Woman prevent skin rashes?

Switch to On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin and get freedom from skin rashes. These special napkins have a soft cotton layer next to the skin so there is no irritation.

How is bacterial growth reduced?

On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin comes with Tourmaline based Far-IR Anion Strip. This miracle strip generates Far infrared rays and Anions which release oxygen, aids ventilation, and reduces bacterial growth.

Are frequent pad changes necessary?

With On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin, you get freedom from changing pad again and again. Apart from being a convenient feminine hygiene solution during periods, it is also very effective in preventing various undesirable gynaecological conditions in women.

Where is the anion strip located and what does it do?

The high density anion strip is located inside the soft cotton lining of the sanitary napkin and it gets activated by moisture or friction from wearing the pad. This Anion strip helps kill harmful bacteria and increases oxygen uptake into the blood. The Anion strip emits up to an amazing 6070 anions (negative ions) per centimetre which effectively helps to inhibit the survival and growth of bacteria and viruses. This helps women by suppressing the survival and multiplication of bacteria, eliminating odour and promoting comfort during menstruation. The whole process is chemical free!

What does the Super absorbent material in On & On Nu-Woman do?

On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin can absorb up to five times more amount of fluid than an ordinary sanitary napkin. Natural crystal-like particles lock in the liquid while keeping the surface totally dry.

How important is air permeability?

Unlike ordinary napkins that have plastic base; which does not allow air to circulate, On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin is fully permeable to air, but not to water, thereby enhancing greater hygiene levels. They minimise bacterial infections and gynaecological problems.

8 Superior features of ON & ON NU-Women Anion Sanitary Napkins

  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Treats Inflammation
  • Removes Fatigue
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Enhances Hormonal Balance
  • Reduces Stress
  • Removes Odor

Unique 8 layers of On & On Nu-Woman Sanitary Napkin

  • 1. Cotton smooth non-woven (Better absorbency which gives ultra-comfort)
  • 2. Unique and exclusive padding (Well-balanced absorption prevents side leakage)
  • 3. Woven cloth anion strip (Effectively enhances anti-bacterial capabilities)
  • 4. Air-laid paper wrapped
  • 5. Super absorbent polymer (Over 5 times more absorption capacity than normal pads)
  • 6. Air-laid paper wrapped
  • 7. Breathable and comfortable bottom layer
  • 8. Releaser paper (Back adhesive retains comfort with women ergonomics)